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Full Planning & Coordination
From $3000

Let's face it ~ life doesn't stop for wedding planning.  As you're busy juggling life, all the while seeing your wedding date loom closer, this full-service planning package is for you.  Using an online collaboration planning tool, we take your vision and combine it with our planning expertise to help you plan your wedding from beginning to end.  We help you research and select your venue, then we set our sights on helping you find vendors who best fit your style and budget.  We use our experience to make the planning simpler, more organized, and fun while ensuring that all the details ~ small and large ~ are covered. 


Couples who use this package experience valuable benefits such as:

  • Informed Decisions as we use our knowledge to educate you on the best options for your wedding preferences

  • Savings through education on typical wedding costs; where to spend your budget and what costs can be trimmed

  • Individualized Style by allowing you to throw tradition out the window and help you plan a wedding that showcases you as a couple, who you are, and what is important to you

  • Freedom to Live Life by sparing you the mundane, behind-the-scene tasks that come with wedding planning, such as venue and vendor communications that are too numerous to count

  • Fluid Communication among the two of us and your vendors, so that all are focused on carrying out your vision

  • Flawless Execution of your wedding day from from beginning to end in setting up your decor, meeting your vendors, orchestrating your ceremony procession, managing cocktail hour, and running your reception from Grand Entrance to Grand Exit.  We have you covered the entire day!

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