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  • Tresa Taysom

Love at Pradera

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Club at Pradera in Castlerock is an amazing venue and Taylor and Marcus' wedding started out with gorgeous weather. It was sunny and warm the entire day - right up to the time of ceremony - when the wind blew in gales and the rain pummeled the ground. We've not seen such a patient couple though. They simply smile and waited. And waited. And, just like that, at ceremony time, the storm blew through, the clouds parted, the warm sun appeared and the ceremony went off without a hitch (after the chairs were wiped down, that is). The rest of their day was spectacular and they wore smiles the entire night. But, perhaps the best part came at Grand Exit when the smoke from the sparklers was such that it set off the fire alarms at Pradera. Their staff didn't mind though - they joined in the fun right along with the rest of us as we said goodbye to this lovely couple. It was a day of goodness indeed.

Venue: Club at Pradera

Photography: Taylor Nicole Photography

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