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  • Tresa Taysom

Small Intimate Weddings ~ The Gift that Keeps Giving

It may be that the only good thing remaining after COVID is the growing popularity of having small, intimate weddings with your closest family members and friends. With a high number of bridal couples forced to cut their guest list to extremely low numbers, a new phenomenon was born, and is gaining momentum, and it just may become the new normal.

Here are a few reasons why couples are jumping on board the intimate wedding train.

Rewards of an Intimate Wedding - Couples are finding that intimate weddings have many rewards such as memorable moments shared with those closest to you, freedom to seek out-of-the-way venues and natural settings, lower budget requirements, an interactive day, and overall less stress worrying over every single detail.

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Ideas to Make Your Small Wedding Over the Top - Intimate weddings allow you the freedom (and the budget) to make it extra special for you and your guests. Since you're not inviting half the town, you can splurge on items such as handmade save-the-dates and invitations, upscale top-notch wedding fare, and extra touches all around.

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Intimate Gatherings Make it Possible to Personalize Everything About Your Day - Keeping your guest list small allows you to lend your special touch to things that will add flare, such as handmade wedding invitations ~ personalized favors ~ unconventional guest books ~ meaningful music and dancing ~ and on and on.

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Unique Ritual Exchanges Pair Nicely with Intimate Weddings - Every wedding has a ritual exchange (because if not, why marry)? Performing them in front of, and often along with, those closes to your heard and soul mean you purposefully shied away from those that are cookie-cutter.

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