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  • Tresa Taysom

Succulents & Strength

We were honored to be a part of Chris and Allison's wedding. They planned their day to perfection. Allison and her Mom love succulents and incorporated them in the cutest ways. To this day, their cake is one of our all-time favorites. Each guest received a personal mini-succulent to take home and plant in their honor. We'd love to see the gardens that came from this. The only downside to the day was that a few days before the wedding Allison got sick and it stayed for her wedding day. She tried so hard to fight it off. When that didn't work, she tried so hard to not let it ruin her day. She was amazing as she charged on with the day's events then, in between, retreated to the bride's room to rest. Finally, the bug got to her and she and Chris departed for the ER after the planned events were done. The Grand Exit picture you see was actually taken then. They made their guests promise that the party would go on without them. They didn't disappoint and while Allison was receiving liters of fluid IVs for dehydration, the dancing and partying went on until the lights came down. Cheers to succulents & strength!!!

Venue: The Falls, Littleton, Colorado

Photographer: Jacie Marguerite Fine Art Photographer

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